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A World of Resources Focused on Mexico

Osterman de Mexico is recalibrating the benchmarks for resin selection, availability and flexibility in Mexico. And we’re working the Osterman way – as a trusted partner focused on improving your business.

Committed to Leading Mexico’s Plastic Industry Growth

Osterman Plastics de Mexico is introducing a new level of responsiveness, product options and cost competitiveness for Mexico’s resin markets. Combining local know-how with worldwide resources, Osterman Plastics de Mexico is a direct line between plastics fabricators and manufacturers across Mexico. This agile, results-driven joint-venture company leverages some of the most experienced resources in the world to help our customers and suppliers improve their outcomes, productivity and competitiveness.

Resources Delivering Results

Fortifying the logistics, expertise and product availability of a leading Mexican distributor with the resources of a leading global distributor gives resin manufacturers and plastics fabricators alike a powerful new choice. In addition to market expertise, Osterman customers have access to a complete team of product, logistics, sales and support professionals.

A Joint Venture With a Single Focus: You

Osterman and Industrial Mafra bring proven product, logistics, service and relationships to a single entity that’s focused on maximizing opportunities for our customers and supplier partners. We have the resources to deliver product that’s always on time, really on spec and stays within the budget we promise.

Osterman plus Industrial Mafra equals success. Here’s how:

Osterman brings worldwide resources and a global supply base:

  • Integrity comes first
  • Top-tier supplier of prime, commodity and engineering resins
  • Family-owned business is free to focus on delivering high levels of service and support – satisfying customers instead of shareholders
  • Reliable, uninterrupted supply of verifiable product
  • Relationships, market intelligence and firsthand interactions with suppliers, engineers, shippers
  • Commitment to help you make better decisions and source the right product at the right price for your applications.

Industrial Mafra knows Mexico

  • A quarter century of experience across Mexico’s markets
  • Certified Pemex distributor
  • Our affiliated companies are the top logistics providers in Mexico.
    • ATOSA has the largest bulk truck fleet in the country.
    • Diselo is one of Mexico’s largest and technologically advanced packing and warehousing facilities

It’s all About Making the Right Moves

Better polymers, logistics, financing and support – that’s the promise of Osterman de Mexico. With strong worldwide supplier relationships and over 100 warehousing locations, moving product is never a problem.

Our flexible financing assistance, risk-management insight and sound business advice can help you find and secure the right deals for your specific needs. We share our “on-the-ground” intelligence, so you know all your options, risks and opportunities.

Osterman’s strong financial track record and reputation for stability helps secure the resins, delivery and terms that some other distributors simply can’t. You have access to a complete line of commodity polymers, including prime, generic, wide-specification, compounded and engineered resins, including:

  • Osterlene® – Osterman’s prime generic product line
  • EPIMAX®, EPITEC® and EPIVAL® from Engineered Polymers Inc.

It’s Not Easy – We Just Make it Look That Way

Osterman de Mexico brings you one of the most advanced logistics infrastructures anywhere. From equipment and facilities to personnel, procedures and vigilant security, we never stop improving.

Digital deployment tools and automated systems help deliver peak performance that boosts your productivity and profitability. State-of-the art systems automate, track and continuously update schedules, shipments and ordering. Add in our secured delivery and you get the right products in the right place at the right time – every time.

Learn more from our world class operating companies:

Osterman Plastics de Mexico S. de R.L. is a joint venture between Industrial Mafra S.A. de C.V., a leading distributor of plastic resins in Mexico, and Osterman & Company, Inc., one of the top worldwide plastic resins distributors. The dynamic company will be rolling out an ever-expanding line of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and engineered resins.

Phone: +52 (55) 5754 5651

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