Making a Difference Where We Work and Live:
The Osterman Community Foundation

Osterman employees share a passion for helping others and giving back to our communities. The Osterman Community Foundation (OCF) is our conduit for giving. Founded by Osterman employees, the OCF gives financial relief to qualified individuals, families or groups in the towns and cities where we work and live.

OCF donates to directly to individuals undergoing personal hardships. These ad hoc cash gifts aim to help the recipients get back on their feet, and on the road to self-supporting personal strategies. Through our efforts, we’ve been able to help provide the basic necessities for our neighbors who are working to get ahead and find themselves stumbling.

Our Mission

To provide financial relief and improve the lives of the people suffering setbacks in the communities where we live and work. “Where a little bit of money makes a big difference”

What We Do

Several times each year, OCF fundraisers bring in thousands of dollars to help families in need. Since launching in 2005, OCF has helped over 300 families. We’ve distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to those in need. Our operating philosophy is to get people back on their feet and give them the hope of better things to come.

Best of all, 100% of the money OCF raises is given directly to our candidates.

How We Do It

The OCF process is simple and direct. Candidates discusses their needs with an OCF Screening Team to establish need. Qualifying candidates are reviewed by the OCF Board of Directors for final approval. Candidates who meet all OCF criteria receive cash assistance for their specific area of need.

Interested in Helping?

It’s not often you find a service organization with zero administrative costs. If you’re interested in a cause where 100% of the proceeds go directly to people in need, we’d appreciate your help. We have opportunities for people to volunteer at events and help plan fundraisers. If you prefer, you could even make a donation. If you want to help, or if you know of someone who needs help, email us at or call (203) 649-4170. All inquiries and the screening process are absolutely confidential.

Osterman Community Foundation

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