Selection, Availability and Simplicity –
Get It All from Osterman

Selection, knowledge and availability are key for effective polymer purchases. Osterman’s powerful polymer search tool helps you find all the information you need to choose the right resins for your applications.

Simply scroll and click on a product family and you can select data sheets on each product in the line. So you can find the details you need on prime, generic, wide-specification, compounded or engineered resins. You’ll know everything you need to know in an instant.

After you make your selection, our solid relationships with suppliers, industry groups and worldwide logistics partners give you reliable access to the product you need, when and where you need it.


Osterlene® – Osterman’s prime generic product line


EPIMAX®, EPITEC®, EPIVAL® – Engineered Polymers Inc.’s (EPI) generic product line.