Resin Solutions that Resonate with Your Business

What’s important to you and your business? Fast turnaround? Reliable supply chain? Flexible service? Collaboration and input from a trusted partner? That’s all business as usual at Osterman. But we also give you something else that’s even more important: peace of mind that comes from working with a team that lives up to its word and keeps its promises.

Four decades of experience and customer success come with every Osterman engagement. We are a leading supplier of prime, commodity and engineering resins. We’re a family-owned business that’s grown to become one of the largest trading partners in resin.

Whether it’s polymers, market advice or worldwide support, Osterman delivers – from a sample bag to a rail car – on time and at the right price. Osterman customers count on us for more than a billion pounds of material each year. Every pound is packaged with integrity and a passion for helping your business thrive.

Success Built from Relationships and Understanding

We live in a plastic world – there are no shortages of resources to source polymers for just about any application. But a reliable, uninterrupted supply of verifiable product that comes in on time, on specification and on budget is another story. Osterman can deliver because we know what’s happening in the business. Our relationships, market intelligence and firsthand interactions with suppliers, engineers, shippers and customers helps us help you make better decisions and source the right product at the right price for your applications.

Customers Are Our Only Commitment

The only corporate entity we need to make happy is you. As a totally independent company, we’re focused on delivering the polymers and support you need – nothing else. That independence has allowed us to build customer-focused business models that complement today’s realities, but are also flexible and agile. So we can dispatch our technical support team to your location or realign our logistics in an instant.

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